Yoté (Yo-Teh) - distinct jewelry produced in the beautiful mountains of Northern New Mexico. A brand for the bold, intelligent, and confident. Yoté is adornment made with intention, creativity, and integrity. The bulk of Yoté pieces are hand fabricated and every piece is created with the utmost attention to quality and detail. Classic motifs and Southwestern aesthetics focus on indigenous and cultural influences from around the world, brought to life with a modern voice.

Yoté is another word for mixed, or mutt. The word itself was coined by the creator of the company - Leah Prada Harrison who is a native New Mexican of mixed ethnicity and member of the Genízaro Nation. Coyoté was originally a term the Spanish used to describe individuals of Mestizajé (Hispanic/Indigenous mixed) descent and has deep roots in New Mexican culture. Though it was originally not intended as a positive term, today it is still used to describe mixed individuals, but without the stigma. Because of the mixture of influences that inspire her creations, Leah felt that Yoté was a fitting word to represent the brand. She believes that jewelry tells a story and finds inspiration in Folklore from throughout the world. Each design has its own special meaning and story. A great deal of research and intention go into each collection as well as the staple jewelry offerings. Though the brand has global influences, the heart and soul of Yoté are New Mexican.

Yoté is a woman owned grass roots business that was built from the ground up. It began inside a small studio that Leah and her mother remodeled inside of the family barn on the same property that was originally a part of the Prada land grant. Today, it exists in an upgraded studio southeast of Santa Fe. It is a business built from dedication, a deep love of culture, and hard work - all of which goes into every piece created.

Photo: Portrait of Leah Prada Harrison painted by Eric Romero